28/10/2016Quarterly Activities Report5
28/10/2016Quarterly Cashflow Report5
24/10/2016Proxy Form2
24/10/2016Notice of Annual General Meeting6
30/09/2016Appendix 3Z2
30/09/2016Resignation of Director and Change of Company Secretary1
30/09/2016Change of Principal Administrative Office1
23/09/2016Corporate Governance Statement9
23/09/2016Appendix 4G10
23/09/2016Annual Report to Shareholders54
28/07/2016Appendix 3X2
28/07/2016Board Appointment1
28/07/2016Quarterly Activities Report5
28/07/2016Quarterly Cashflow Report5
23/05/2016Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder1
29/04/2016Quarterly Activities Report23
29/04/2016Quarterly Cashflow Report5
19/04/2016Final Director’s Interest Notice2
19/04/2016Resignation of Director1
31/03/2016Notice of Initial Substantial Holder3
31/03/2016Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder1
14/03/2016Half Year Financial Report17
17/02/2016Ora Banda South Gold Project12
01/02/2016Appendix 3Y3
01/02/2016Appendix 3Y3
01/02/2016Expiry of Unlisted Options1
25/01/2016Quarterly Activities Report3
25/01/2016Quarterly Cashflow Report5
10/12/2015Expiry of Unlisted Options1
24/11/2015Results of Annual General Meeting2
23/11/2015Final Director’s Interest Notice2
23/11/2015Resignation of Director1
23/10/2015Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form8
22/10/2015Quarterly Activities Report3
22/10/2015Quarterly Cashflow Report5
07/10/2015Siburan Strengthens Ties with China Automobile1
30/09/2015Appendix 4G11
30/09/2015Final Director’s Interest Notice2
30/09/2015Resignation of Director1
24/09/2015Annual Report to Shareholders54
17/09/2015Final Director’s Interest Notice2
17/09/2015Resignation of Director1
15/09/2015Final Director’s Interest Notice2
15/09/2015Resignation of Director1
08/09/2015Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
08/09/2015Final Director’s Interest Notice2
08/09/2015Board Appointment & Resignation of Director1
01/09/2015Change in Substantial Holding2
28/08/2015Successful Completion of Capital Raising1
11/08/2015Appendix 3B13
11/08/2015Cleansing Notice Section 708A(5)(E)1
10/08/2015Change in Substantial Holding2
10/08/2015Change in Substantial Holding2
07/08/2015Ceasing to be Substantial Holder2
07/08/2015Ceasing to be Substantial Holder3
07/08/2015Notice of Initial Substantial Holder3
05/08/2015Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
05/08/2015Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
05/08/2015Appendix 3B13
05/08/2015Cleansing Notice Section 708A(5)(E)1
05/08/2015Settlement of China Automobile Transaction1
31/07/2015Quarterly Activities Report4
31/07/2015Quarterly Cashflow Report5
29/07/2015Update on China Automobile Transaction1
28/07/2015Supplementary Prospectus5
21/07/2015Results of General Meeting2
21/07/2015Extension of Closing Date of Capital Raising2
03/07/2015Appendix 3B12
02/07/2015Appendix 3B12
19/06/2015Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form105
10/06/2015Ora Banda South Gold Project Drilling Update4
27/05/2015Appendix 3B12
15/05/2015Acquisition in China Automobile Parts Holding Ltd.6
15/05/2015Trading Halt2
30/04/2015Quarterly Cash Flow Report5
30/04/2015Quarterly Activities Report4
14/04/2015Appendix 3B12
20/03/2015Exploration Update and Ora Banda South Gold Project6
12/03/2015Half Year Accounts17
09/03/2015Share Trading Activities1
23/02/2015Canegrass Project Update1
30/01/2015Quarterly Activities Report4
30/01/2015Quarterly Cashflow Report5
15/01/2015Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
15/01/2015Appointment of Chairman and Non-Executive Director1
23/12/2014Canegrass Drilling Update4
17/12/2014Response to ASX Price Query3
02/12/2014Response to ASX Price Query3
28/11/2014Results of Meeting3
28/11/2014Appendix 3Z2
28/11/2014Resignation of Director1
25/11/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
25/11/2014Resignation of Non-Executive Director1
20/11/2014Ceasing to be a Substantial Holder2
20/11/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
20/11/2014Additional AGM Resolution5
19/11/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
19/11/2014Appendix 3Y3
19/11/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
19/11/2014Appendix 3Y3
19/11/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
19/11/2014Becoming a Substantial Holder2
14/11/2014Completion of Rights Issue1
14/11/2014Appendix 3X2
14/11/2014Appointment of Non-Executive Director1
10/11/2014Rights Issue Closure and Notice of Shortfall1
31/10/2014September 2014 Quarterly Report8
28/10/2014Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form8
23/10/2014Supplementary Prospectus4
17/10/2014Extension to Closing Date for Rights Issue1
13/10/2014Dispatch of Prospectus1
02/10/2014Letter of Notice of Rights Issue to Shareholders2
01/10/2014Rights Issue Notice to Option Holders1
30/09/2014Appendix 3B13
30/09/2014Non Renounceable Rights Issue Prospectus23
30/09/2014Non Renounceable Rights Issue2
30/09/2014Annual Report to Shareholders65
30/09/2014Trading Halt2
30/07/2014June 2014 Quarterly Report10
17/07/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
15/07/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
15/07/2014Notice of Ceasing to be Substantial Holder2
14/07/2014Change in Substantial Holding3
11/07/2014Notice of Initial Substantial Holder2
10/07/2014Change in Substantial Holding2
08/07/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
08/07/2014Appointment of Non-Executive Director1
07/07/2014Appendix 3B13
07/07/2014Completion of Placement1
07/07/2014Change of Principal Administrative Office1
10/06/2014Sale of Endeavour and Bullendale Tenements1
02/06/2014Expiry of Unlisted Options1
16/05/2014Expiry of Unlisted Options1
07/05/2014Appointment of Capital Advisor & Proposed Capital Raising1
30/04/2014March 2014 Quarterly Report9
09/04/2014Company Secretary Resignation1
11/03/2014Half Year Accounts23
31/01/2014December 2013 Quarterly Report and Appendix 3B11
11/12/2013Appendix 3B9
29/11/2013Outcome of Annual General Meeting2
30/10/2013September 2013 Quarterly Report & Appendix 5B12
23/10/2013Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form9
22/10/2013Withdrawal of Resolutions and Cancellation of General Meeting1
04/10/2013Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form7
25/09/20132013 Annual Report to Shareholders79
24/09/2013Capital Raising1
07/08/2013Clarification – ASX Release dated 31 July 20131
31/07/2013Acquisition of Endeavour and Bullendale Projects in New Zealand6
31/07/2013June 2013 Quarterly Report & Appendix 5B12
10/05/2013Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
30/04/2013March 2013 Quarterly Report28
17/04/2013Final Drilling Results for the Kirwan Hill Project10
05/04/2013SBU Webcast1
02/04/2013SBU Webcast1
27/03/2013Investor Presentation – March 201316
18/03/2013Siburan Confirms Tungsten & Gold Mineralisation at Kirwan Project11
11/03/2013Interim Financial Report 201223
25/02/2013Auger Geochem Results Outline a New Gold Zone in Canegrass Gold Project, WA4
08/02/2013SBU Webcast1
30/01/2013December 2012 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B9
29/01/2013Exploration Update for Kirwan Tungsten and Gold Project, New Zealand2
21/12/2012Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
21/12/2012Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
21/12/2012Appendix 3B10
21/12/2012Siburan Resources Limited Videos1
03/12/2012Siburan Commences exploration at Kirwan Project New Zealand5
28/11/2012Outcome of Annual General Meeting3
28/11/2012Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
28/11/2012Final Director’s Interest Notice2
23/11/2012Kenneth Meng Kang Lim1
31/10/2012September 2012 Quarterly Report12
26/10/2012Notice of Annual General Meeting14
03/10/2012Expiry of Options & Change of Directors’ Interest Notices8
21/09/20122012 Annual Report74
13/09/2012SBU Webcast1
21/08/2012Board Changes5
16/08/2012Appointment of Director3
31/07/2012Quarterly Report to 30 June 2012 and Appendix 5B16
13/06/2012Change in Substantial Holding2
12/06/2012Change in Substantial Holding2
08/06/2012Change in Substantial Holding2
07/06/2012Change in Substantial Holding2
07/06/2012Becoming a Substantial Holder2
01/06/2012Completion of Subscription in Siburan by China Government Enterprise5
21/05/2012Appendix 3B – Release from Escrow3
08/05/2012Appendix 3B – Grant of Employee Options4
01/05/2012Release from Escrow1
30/04/2012Quarterly Report to 31st March 2012 and Appendix 5B13
03/04/2012Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
30/03/2012Exploration Licences Granted in Papua New Guinea1
22/03/2012Investor Presentation March 201215
20/03/2012Zheng He Securities Research Report1
19/03/2012Update on Papua New Guinea Joint Venture4
19/03/2012Update on Share Placement Agreement with Hunan Australia Mining Pty Ltd1
14/03/2012Siburan Resources Ltd. Webcast1
13/03/2012Kirwans Tungsten Project Tenements Granted8
09/03/2012Interim Financial Report 31 December 201128
06/03/2012Results of Meeting2
16/02/2012Update to Subscription Agreement with China Government Enterprise1
15/02/2012Breakaway Research Report Clarification1
15/02/2012SBU Breakaway Research Report1
13/02/2012SBU Webcast1
06/02/2012SBU Webcast1
31/01/2012Appendix 5B and December 2011 Quarterly Report16
31/01/2012Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Forms12
20/01/2012China Government Enterprise signs subscription agreement2
06/01/2012Update on MOU with China Government Enterprise1
22/11/2011Papua New Guinea Joint Venture2
16/11/2011Becoming a Substantial Shareholder3
10/11/2011SBU signs MOU with China Government Enterprise1
09/11/2011Ceasing to be a substantial holder1
09/11/2011Ceasing to be a substantial holder1
08/11/2011Change in substantial holding3
08/11/2011Change in substantial holding3
07/11/2011Capital Raising and Appointment of Director8
27/10/2011Appendix 5B and September 2011 Quarterly Report17
21/10/2011Results of Meeting2
28/09/2011SBU Webcast1
26/09/2011ASX release – Siburan Resources Application for Kirwans Tungsten Project1
26/09/2011Kirwans Tungsten Project5
21/09/2011Notice of Annual General Meeting1
14/09/2011Annual Report to Shareholders67
29/07/2011Appendix 5B – June 2011 Quarterly Report11
05/07/2011Response to ASX Query4
30/06/2011Change of Directors’ Interest Notice3
03/06/2011Papua New Guinea foray offers new mineral opportunities to Siburan1
13/05/2011Appendix 3B – Release from Escrow3
29/04/2011Appendix 5B – March 2011 Quarterly Report12
28/04/2011Release from Escrow1
21/03/2011Mt. Pleasant Auger Geochem Results Outline New Gold Zone5
11/03/2011Half Year Accounts24
02/03/2011Becoming a Substantial Holder3
02/03/2011Capital raising and Appendix 3B5
02/03/2011Becoming a substantial holder3
23/02/2011SBU Broadcast1
18/02/2011Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
14/02/2011Gravity survey results at Lake Marmion Project8
02/02/2011Release from escrow1
28/01/2011December 2010 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B13
14/01/2011SBU Broadcast1
12/01/2011Mt. Pleasant RAB Drilling Programme Results7
20/12/2010Securities Trading Policy11
24/11/2010SBU Broadcast1
17/11/2010Results of Meeting3
15/11/2010Mt. Pleasant RAB Drilling Programme Commences4
02/11/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
29/10/2010Appendix 5B – September 2010 Quarterly Report15
27/10/2010Appendix 3Ys – Change of Directors` Interest Notices8
20/10/2010Shortfall on Entitlement Issue1
15/10/2010Annual Report to shareholders56
15/10/2010Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form10
13/10/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
01/10/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow1
30/09/2010Entitlement Issue – Letter to Shareholders1
24/09/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
20/09/2010Entitlement Issue – Letter to Shareholders2
16/09/2010Entitlement Issue Prospectus and Appendix 3B44
10/09/2010SBU Broadcast1
10/09/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
08/09/2010Mt Pleasant RC/Diamond Drilling and Gravity Survey Results4
07/09/2010Release from Escrow1
27/08/2010Release from Escrow1
20/08/2010Full Year Statutory Accounts42
18/08/2010Placement and Appendix 3B5
13/08/2010Appendix 3B – Release from Escrow3
30/07/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
30/07/2010Release from escrow1
28/07/2010Appendix 5B – June 2010 Quarterly Report13
18/07/2010Placement and Appendix 3B5
13/07/2010Appendix 3B – Release from escrow3
08/07/2010Siburan Commences Maiden Drilling Programme at Mt Pleasant Gold Project3
30/06/2010Siburan Expands Lake Marmion Uranium Project3
18/05/2010SBU to list on ASX today after IPO closed oversubscribed2
17/05/2010Becoming a substantial holder2
14/05/2010ASX Circular – Commencement of the Official Quotation2
14/05/2010Pre-Quotation Disclosure1
14/05/2010Appendix 1A – ASX Listing application and agreement14
14/05/2010Pre-Quotation Disclosure Announcement4
14/05/2010Initial Directors’ Interest Notice10
14/05/2010Becoming a substantial holder2
14/05/2010Becoming a substantial holder3
14/05/2010Admission to Official List1